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Silvatec Cleansing Bar

Moisturising formula with Vitamin E – Silvatec should be used regularly so it is important that the skin does not become dry. The formualtion includes moisturisers and skin feel additives to help protect and nourish the skin.

Unique technology using Silver ions

Silver Ion Technology
Forms a protective barrier on the skin –

The silver used in Silvatec Cleansing Bar is delivered in a measured and controlled way. The history of silver shows that it is an exceptional antimicrobial. The effect is specifically due to the silver ions rather than silver metal itself. These ions are reactive and short lived. In order to maintain an effective antimicrobial action, a continuous supply of ‘fresh’ silver ions is required. Regular use of Silvatec soap will provide such a supply.

The antimicrobial action in Silvatec is provided by a unique mineral based controlled delivery system, CorgalesAg, developed for the professional healthcare market. It is the unique nature of this delivery system that allows the release of silver ions making this a safe and effective antimicrobial product.
Features & Benefits of Silvatec

Feature Benefit
Vegetable based soap Suitable for vegetarians
Contains no animal derived materials
Not animal tested
Contains Vitamin E Skin conditioning – antioxidant
Contains Glycerine Moisturising
Active ingredient =
Sodium Calcium Silver Phosphate (CorgalesAg) Anti-microbial
Long-lasting protection�
Efficacy – Antimicrobial

Silvatec Cleansing Bar has been independently tested to BS EN 1276, and results prove that it is effective against a number of well known pathogens.

We put the bug busting hand washes to the test
By ANGELA EPSTEIN – Daily Mail� 6th November 2007
WHAT’S IN IT: Silver compounds, which can kill bacteria.
CLAIM: Proven to be effective at killing 99.9 per cent of germs including MRSA and E.coli, and works for hours.
LAB TEST: Before use: 2,000 bacteria; five minutes after use: 297,000; one hour after use: 37,000.
VERDICT: As this is also a soap and is used with water, it washes away surface matter. Results after an hour show significant effect.

SCORE: 5/5 �2007 Associated Newspapers Ltd

Independent tests prove that with regular washing Silvatec is active on the skin for hours, differentiating it from all other bar soaps.

One of the prime requirements for Silvatec soap is to have a longer lasting effect against bacteria.
To demonstrate this we inoculated a clean skin sample previously washed with Silvatec soap and then assessed the micro load after set periods before re-inoculating the skin.

Two bacterial strains were used; Staph. Aureus & S. Marascens. These were chosen to represent typical bacteria and typical of the transient contamination that can be picked up from a variety of sources.

The experiment protocol was as follows
1. Wash skin with soap
2. Rinse with clean water
3. Inoculate with an emulsion of the chosen organisms
4. Swab and recover residual organisms

Re-inoculate and repeat after one hour and two hours.
The results show that after starting from a base line of resident bacteria (107 i.e. 10,000,000 cfu /ml) that the extra load added was quickly removed back to or even below the base line.
We inoculated again after one hour and then measured the recovery the following hour.
(This is why the graph is a �saw tooth�. It does not infer that the recovery is progressive over the time period )
The graph shows that over 99% of added bacteria are absent after the first test and that after the second and third test over 99% of Staph and 50% of S. Marascens are absent.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Silvatec Cleansing Bar?

A unique deep cleansing bar with added vitamin E and moisturisers which help to leave the skin soft, smooth and reassuringly clean. The rich formulation also contains a highly effective antimicrobial ingredient which has been proven to kill 99.9% of germs and continues to protect for hours on the skin.

What is the active ingredient?

The antimicrobial action in Silvatecis provided by the release of active silver ions during the washing process. The silver ions are delivered via a unique mineral based control system, CorglaesAg, developed for the professional healthcare market. Silvatec has been developed to ensure the optimum release of silver ions. Silver is a powerful antimicrobial agent proved in clinical studies to be very effective at killing harmful bacteria.

When should I use Silvatec?

Silvatec should be used regularly as part of your daily hygiene routine. Regular and continued use will maintain the effectiveness of the bar for hygiene and cleanliness. It is ideal for use in the home, hospitals, schools and for travel to protect you and your family against harmful bacteria.

If I use this product regularly will it dry my skin?

Silvatec Cleansing Bar has built in moisturisers including Vitamin E which will help to prevent drying of the skin which can often be experienced when using other harsh alcohol based antibacterial gels.

Why does the cleansing bar change colour from light to dark?

The bars are actually light grey when first produced. However, the unique active silver ions in the formulation are light sensitive resulting in the bar changing colour gradually from light to dark once exposed to light. This is perfectly normal and shows that active silver ions are present.

Can I use other products to cleanse my skin?

We recommend that you use Silvatec Cleansing Bar exclusively on a regular basis. Use of other soaps and detergents may reduce the effectiveness of the product.


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