Slendershot 28 day weightloss & detox supplement


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Slendershot 28 day weightloss & detox supplement

slendershot 28 Day Detox & Weight loss Supplement shot Our all natural detox and weight loss supplement will leave you feeling energised and motivated to reach your goals throughout the day. Our supplement contains a bunch of natural stimulants which will leave you feeling motivated to reach your fitness goals, all of which is perfectly packed in our 20ml tubes, perfect for those with a busy lifestyle and those on the go. Available as a 28 day course, slendershot is a great way to kick start your healthy lifestyl

Weight loss + detox
Reach your perfect weight goal with the help of our added ingredients, including acai berry, prickly pear, green tea leaf — and plenty more inspired goodness.

Energy + antioxidants
Antioxidants are “good guys”: they neutralise free radicals, which not only helps to restore the body to health and balance, but also boosts energy levels.

Mood enhancer + amino acids
Our added amino acids will lift your mood, help you beat stress, boost your immune system, and makes you feel amazing.

6 Super Main Ingredients

Acai berry
Weight loss, energy production, endurance, strength & anti-aging

Garcinia cambogia
Weight loss & increased metabolism

Ginger root
Weight loss & increased energy

Prickly pear
Weight loss & lower cholesterol; contains calcium, potassium & magnesium

Siberian ginseng
Weight loss & reduced stress

Green tea leaf
Weight loss, fat burn & boosted immune system

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