Source of Life Animal Parade KidGreenz Natural Tropical Fruit Flavour 90’s


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Animal Parade KidGreenz supplies a precisely calibrated proprietary blend of green vegetables and oceanic superfoods. With KidGreenz kids get the benefits of high energy, phytonutrient rich green superfoods from land and sea in delicious chewable tablets.

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Weight .2 kg


Citric acid, stearic acid, guar gum, magnesium stearate, silica


Take one chewable tablet daily


Sucrose, natural flavours (tangerine, mango) with other natural flavours, fructose, whole brown rice, natural colour (curcumin), flavour enhancer (citric acid), anti-caking agent (stearic acid), gelling agent (guar gum), anti-caking agent (magnesium stearate), anti-caking agent (silica) and KidGreenz Superfood Complex (a delicately processed blend of Fructooligosaccharides [from Chicory root inulin, beet/cane] [90mg], Whole Brown Rice [Oryza sativa whole seed] [60mg], Carrot Juice [Daucus carota root] [31mg], Cucumber [Cucumis sativus fruit] [20mg], Beet Juice [Beta vulgaris root] [10mg], Spinach [Spinacia oleracea leaf, stand. extract] [13mg], Broccoli [Brassica oleracea floret, stand. extract] [10mg], Parsley [Petroselinum crispum] [5mg], Spirulina [Spirulina platensis] [5mg], Alfalfa [Medicago sativum sprout] [5mg], Kelp [Ascophyllum nodosum] [1mg])


This product is intended for children 2 years and older.


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