Source of Life Garden Certified Organic Prenatal Multi 90’s


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Trust the pure and natural Source of Life Garden Prenatal Multi, your comprehensive natural supplement for all phases of pregnancy. With wholesome, organically grown essential vitamins and minerals necessary for reproductive health, conception, foetal health and healthy lactation.

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Organic tapioca dextrose, organic tapioca maltodextrin, organic potato starch, tapioca maltodextrin, sunflower lecithin, palm oil, guar gum


Take up to three tablets daily preferably with morning meal


Vitamin A (from natural beta carotene 3.3mg), Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol from lichen), Vitamin E (from Annatto), Vitamin K (as menaquinone-7), Vitamin C (from Amla § [Phyllanthus emblical), Thiamin (from Guava, Holy Basil and Lemon§), Riboflavin (from Guava, Holy Basil and Lemon§), Niacin (from Guava, Holy Basil and Lemon§; niacinamide), Vitamin B6 (from Guava, Holy Basil and Lemon§), Folic Acid (from Guava, Holy Basil and Lemon§), Vitamin B12 (as methylcobalamin), Biotin (from Sesbania grandiflora§), Pantothenic Acid (from Guava, Holy Basil and Lemon§; calcium pantothenate), Calcium (from Algas calcareas§), Magnesium (from Algas calcareas§), Iron (from Curry§ [Murraya koenigii]), Zinc (from Guava§ [Psidium guajava]), Manganese (as manganese sulphate), Selenium (from <b>Mustard</b>§ [Brassica nigra]), Chromium (from Moringa§ [Moringa oleifera]);
<div>Certified Organic Whole Food Blend – Guava§, Holy Basil§, Lemon§, <b>Mustard</b>§, Curry Amla§, Moringa§, Annatto§, Sesbania§, Apple§, Orange§, Concord Grape§, Blueberry§, Strawberry§, Cranberry§, Beet Juice§, Blackberry§, Black Currant§, Cherry§, Pomegranate§, Raspberry§, Carrot Juice§, Bell Pepper Red§, Cucumber§, Sweet Potato§, Broccoli§, Spinach§, Mango§, Papaya§, Wild Bilberry§, Cinnamon§;
</div><div>Certified Organic Prenatal Botanicals – Ginger§, Prune§, Flax§, Fenugreek§, Cranberry§.
</div><div>Other Ingredients: Bulking agent (tapioca dextrose)§, sweetener (brown rice sweetener)§, rice protein§, bulking agent (potato starch), glazing agent (blend of tapioca maltodextrin§, sunflower lecithin§, palm oil§, guar gum§).
</div><div>§ Organic</div>


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