Specchiasol Ferzym Plus 30 Capsules


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Specchiasol Ferzym Plus 30 Capsules

Ferzym Plus is a biological and vitamin food supplement of live probiotic bacteria to help maintain intestinal microbiotic flora balance.

Helps safeguard levels of beneficial bacteria, particularly important at times when a diet may be lacking due to incorrect eating habits or after antibiotics.

Redressing the balance of intestinal flora is especially important for:

The bacterial flora of the intestine is strictly connected with the process of digestion and its composition has a direct influence on people’s state of health. A healthy intestinal flora, which helps safeguard the efficiency of our guts immune system, transforms certain human waste products into substances that are useful to the organism. And helps keep bad bacteria in check. From the moment of birth the human gastro intestinal tract is invaded by microorganisms that come from the genitourinary tract of the mother and therefore is progressively colonised during breastfeeding above all by Lactobacilli present in breast milk. In breast fed babies the population of different pathogenic bacteria disappears or is largely reduced. As soon as the breastfeeding ceases the flora of breast fed babies becomes more complex similar to that found in human adults. The flora balance can be upset by several factors like long periods of stress prolonged antibiotic treatments and poor diet so safeguarding this precious equilibrium is therefore important.

  • After Antibiotic treatments
  • Poor diet
  • Acute and chronic intestinal problems – diarrhoea, colitis, constipation, meteorism, digestive problems
  • Dull skin colour, lack of skin elasticity or pimply skin due to intestinal dysfunction.
  • Cystisis
  • Regulation of immune responses

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