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The algae is cultivated in such a manner that it naturally produces higher nutrient levels of Phycocyanin, GLA, B3 and Zeaxanthin. 

Excellent, natural and safe source of bio-available iron with no side effects Spirulina Blue tablets have the additional benefit of an added phycocyanin and natural vanilla coating for improved taste. 

Ingredients: High Phycocyanin Spirulina Powder (Spirulina platensis) including 1mg Silica 500mg.Other ingredients: Tablet coating: Phycocyanin, Vanilla, Hypromellose

Directions: Spirulina Blue contains 23% pure phycocyanin.

Adults:2-4 tablets daily,building up to sustained energy/nutrition: 6 tablets daily. Optimum nutrition/special uses: up to 18 tablets daily or more as advised. Children 6-12 years: half the adult serving suggestion. 

Warnings: Vegetarian/Vegan Gluten, dairy and animal free No artificial additives, fillers, preservatives, colours or flavours. Always read the label, take only as directed. If taking other medication consult your healthcare professional.

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