Springfield Aadexil multi strain probiotics 30 tabs


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Springfield Aadexil multi strain probiotics 30 tabs
The patented formula with Bio-tract technology protects the probiotic bacteria
from stomach acid.
Once in the intestines the bacteria are released regulated in six hours.
With the Bio-tract technology the beneficial probiotics are present in the intestines
for a longer period of time.
The specific process to manufacture Aadexil probiotics was designed
to make probiotic products stable at room temperature.
This involves every step of the manufacturing process, including
careful strain selection, and step-by-step monitoring of the starter
culture growth, fermentation, freeze drying, blending, tableting,
and Aadexil caplets (round shaped tablets) provide protection
from air and moisture for the fragile living organisms living within.
• Refrigeration of product is not necessary
• Extended shelf-life at room temperature compared to
• Protects against stomach acid
• Controlled and sustained release

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