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Springfield B-QUIVIT 100g powder

Orthomolecular background
 Vitamin B complex is a life necessity for our health
 The storage capacity of our body for B-vitamins is limited to a few
weeks (exception: vitamin B12 = 2-5 years)
 Sugar, isolated carbohydrates and protein use up B-vitamins
 Many people display a vitamin B deficit
The advantages of NATURAL B-COMPLEX are:
 Natural vitamin B complex from cereal sprouts
 More than 30 natural defined B-vitamins (synthetic only 8)
 A greater variety of applications than synthetic vitamins
 Biological activity (synthetic vitamins are biologically non-active)
 Standardized content
Vitamin-B deficits are wide spread in industrial nations, resulting from the excessive consumption of isolated
carbohydrates, sugars and proteins.
The body’s limited vitamin B-stores are quickly depleted, making supplementation essential.
Vitamin-B deficiency can lead to impaired mental alertness, reduced performance, depressive mood, ,
physical weakness and diabetes
B-Quivit is a naturally grown B-vitamin concentrate, obtained from quinoa sprouts.
Quinoa is referred to as the Gold of the Aztecs. The Inca’s even attributed magic power to the little seed! BQuivit
Vitamin B concentrate offers a unique natural complex of B-vitamins and metabolites that is normally
present in high-quality fruits, vegetables and grains. No other ingredient or plant offers comparably high
concentrations of B-vitamins.
A special process ensures that the concentrations found in the B-Quivit are more than 300 times higher than
those found in Quinoa seeds. Even the small amount of 1 gram can help to meet the daily requirements.
Recommended use: one tablet daily in the morning or early afternoon.

Product: 30 tablets with one gram of B-Quivit B-complex from quinoa sprouts

Content of B-vitamins in 100 g B-Quivit compared to common quinoa-sprouts and yeast
B-Quivit Quinoa
B-complex sprouts yeast
B1 83.00mg 0.198mg 1.43mg
B2 134.00mg 0.396mg 2.31mg
B3 (Niacin) 1300.00mg 0.293mg 17.40mg
B5 793.00mg 1.047mg 3.46mg
(Pantothenic acid)
B6 155.00mg 0.223mg 0.684mg
B7 (Biotin) 15000.00mcg 0.00mcg 33.00mcg
B9 (Folic acid) 12000.00mcg 0.00mcg 716.00mcg
B12 209.00mcg 0.00mcg 0.00mcg
Thiel, R.J.:Natural vitamins may be superior to synthetic ones, Medical Hypotheses (2000) 58(8), 481-489.
There appears to be a tendency to label those who profess that natural vitamins are better than synthetic ones as quacks. This broad
brush label may be stifling legitimate nutrition research. This paper describes physiochemical differences between certain natural and
synthetic vitamins, proven clinical advantages of natural vitamins, and some of the effects this labeling may lead to. It concludes that
lessons of history as well as modern science support the view that natural vitamins are nutritionally superior to synthetic ones.

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