Springfield CeQure Vitamin C 500mg 60caps


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Springfield CeQure Vitamin C

Better absorption and Retention Naturally sourced vitamin c 500mg with lipid metabolites

CeQure is an innovative supplement with enhanced and better absorption ,retention and utilization of Vitamin C,having greater benefical effects. CeQure is 100% natural sourced. Each veg caps contains 500mg of pure vitamin c. The high level of bioavailablity of CeQure lies in its unique composition (ascorbic acid with natural lipid metabolites and bioflavonoids). The lipid metabolites act as ascorbic acid carriers to increase absorption of vitamin c and enhance cellular uptake.

1-2 caps a day

Ingredients: L-ascorbic acid 500mg,stabiliser,veg lipids,bioflavonoids,anti cake agent,magnesium sterate.

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