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Springfield Omegium: Echium & fish oil rich in EPA
The fish oil in Springfield Omegium contains a natural high ratio EPA compared to DHA . The fish oil is derived from sardines caught off the coast of Peru. The sardines are fished sustainably and are low in the food chain. This oil is very pure and contains no heavy metals and other contaminants.
By a special extraction process – with no harmful chemicals or other additives are used – the polyunsaturated fraction of the fish oil separated from the saturated and mono unsaturated fraction. This process takes place at a low temperature, so that the valuable fatty acids remain unaffected. The result is a pure gold-colored oil. The ratio of EPA / DHA is almost 4:1 .
Echium oil
The Echium plant has purple flowers. The oil of this plant is rich in stearidonic acid (SDA) . This is unique because SDA properly converted into EPA , an important omega-3 fatty acid. Other vegetable sources contain almost no SDA and contain mainly alpha-linolenic acid (ALA). The conversion of ALA to SDA is difficult. Where virtually no ALA is converted to EPA does SDA though. Echium oil also contains GLA , an omega-6 fatty acid with beneficial properties for the skin. Omegium is well absorbed and has no dominant fish flavor by purification. Omegium is rich in essential fatty acids SDA , ALA, GLA , DHA but EPA in the safe and natural triglyceride form. These fatty acids have been obtained at low temperatures and partly because they are clean, pure and stable. To prevent oxidation, a small amount of vitamin E added.
Recommended use:
2 x daily one to two softgels with meals. Ingredients 400 mg fish oil, 100 mg Echium oil, Vitamin E, gelatin.

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