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Springfield Menacaclin 60 tablets


A new, patented calcium supplement (with magnesium and potassium), that provides for the supply of extra basic ions such as carbonates and bicarbonates, supports the buffer capacity of blood plasma and extracellular fluid, so that excess acid can be neutralised. This can combat unnecessary calcium loss, particularly in a diet with a high protein intake, as acid degradation products occur during protein metabolism.

To increase the effectiveness of basic calcium still further, vitamin D and a large amount of vitamin K2 are added.

It has long been known that vitamin D3 plays a supporting role in calcium uptake in bone.
Vitamin K2 is a natural form of vitamin K, but occurs in many fewer foods that vitamin K1. Vitamin K2 has a stronger effect on bones than vitamin K1. Supplements usually contain vitamin K1.
Vitamin K2 is necessary for incorporating calcium correctly in bone mineral. Vitamin K2 is therefore very important for building up bone mass (in other words: for bone mineralisation).
Vitamin K2 also stimulates the function of bone-forming cells. It stimulates the creation of bone matrix, the scaffold in which bone mineral is deposited (without this scaffold calcium is like loose sand).

Vitamin K2:
is superior to vitamin K1 for bones
is necessary for the development and maintenance of bone mass
most food supplements contain vitamin K1
calcium supplementation in combination with vitamin K is more effective in maintaining bone mass

Other user advantages of Menacalcin:
supports the bone mineralization already with small dosages of calcium
can easily be combined with conventional calcium preparations
supports the effect of conventional osteoporoses therapy

Menacalcin 60 tablets with patented calcium complex and vitamins K2 & D3.
Each tablet contains: alkaline calcium 200mg, alkaline potassium 50mg, alkaline magnesium 45mg, vitamin K2 90mcg and vitamin D3 5mcg.

Suggested use: one tablet twice daily with or after a meal


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