Spry Baby Banana Toothbrush Training Kit


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Spry Baby Banana Toothbrush Training Kit

Spry Baby Banana Toothbrush Training Kit provides a simply way to develop good oral hygiene habits early. The kit includes a soft and safe brush with an easy to grasp banana shape handle sutable for babies, plus a 60ml tube of Xylitol Strawberry and Banana Toothgel which when applied to the brush can be used to gently massage the gums and teeth in small circular strokes after every meal, or as needed. As with any toothbrush, never leave a child unattended during use. The toothgel has been specially developed to help build the oral health of infants and children with a rich supply of Xylitol that helps to protect and strenthen developing teeth with the natural properties of Xylitol. Regular use of Xylitol is recommended by dentist

Purified water
Xylitol (anti-bacterial, facilitates remineralisation)
Natural flavours (Strawberry & Banana)
Grapefruit Seed Extract (as a preservative)
Calcium Glucophosphate (for remineralisation)
ticalose (thickening agent)

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