Sublime Foods Frozen Acai Berry Pulp


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Sublime Foods Frozen Acai Especial Berry Pulp

Acai (ah-sigh-ee) is an energy packed super fruit from the Amazon. It has a delicious, vibrant taste of berries with a hint of chocolate And is rich in proteins, fiber, vitamin E, minerals and essential Omega oils.

Acai’s level of antioxidants surpasses even blueberries and it is also a valuable, natural cholesterol controller – which reduces the bad and increases the good. Studies on Acai have discovered that it helps build the immune system, fight infection, protect the heart, and can even control prostate enlargement.

I’s got high levels of omega 6 and 9 oil. It is high in Fibre and low in sugar. It is claimed that it is the highest botanical source of Iron (Even – more than spinach).

It’s dark colour is due to the high levels of Antioxidant Phytochemicals. It also contains high levels of calcium and vitamin E.

Health benefits

Acai contains high levels of Anthocyanins (Antioxidant).

They help the body to remove free radicals, are good for the heart and promote vitamin activity. High levels of anthocyanins are also found in red wine and blueberries – though Acai contains up to 30 times the level.
Acai contains essential omega oils (omega 6 & 9).

healthy heart, reduce blood pressure and helps protect blood vessels. Omega oils are also good for the brain as wells as childhood development.

Omega oils have been shown to help maintain a
Acai is high in fibre.

Fibre is essential for a healthy digestive system.
Acai is high in iron.

It has been shown that the Acai berry is one of the richest botanical sources of iron on the planet!
Acai is a source of plant sterols.

Plant sterols have been shown to boost the immune system and may help reduce cholesterol levels.
Acai is low in sugar.

Compatible with low GI and Atkins diet.

Low sugar foods provide slow release energy which sustain the body for longer.
Acai contains no cholesterol.

High in Energy

Surfers eat

Good for the Amazon

Acai for the sustained energy release it gives. Brazilian martial artists eat Acai as part of their training regime.
Harvesting of Acai provides employment and helps prevent the deforestation of the Amazon rainforest. Greenpeace have named Acai as the most important non wood forest product from the Amazon rainforest.

How to use Sublime fruit pulps

Step 1: soften the pack slightly by running under lukewarm water.

Step 2: cut the pack open and pop the fruit into a blender

Step 3: add fruit juice, water or milk. Add other ingredients (depending on the recipe… see below) and mix well.
Step 4: serve. Enjoy your sublime food.

We recommend Guarana syrup for the authentic Brazilian taste. You can use honey, molasses, sugar or whatever you like to sweeten your smoothies.
Acai ni Tigela (brazilian style)
1/2 a banana, 2 packs sublime acai, 3 tablespoons Guarana syrup + a little water to mix.
Top with sliced banana and a little muesli / Granola.
Try with a few strawberries or a few slices of mango.

Sublime Acai smoothie
1 pack Sublime Acai, 1/2 a banana, 3 frozen strawberries, 3 tablespoons of Guarana syrup and 150ml water.
To make a meal out of it, add a spoonful of porridge oats and a few unsalted cashews before blending.

Acai ‘n apple smoothie
1 pack Sublime Acai, 1/2 a banana, 200ml apple juice (preferably from 2 fresh apples).

Sublime Acai peanut butter smoothie
1 scoop of snickers ice-cream, 1-2 packs Sublime Acai, 1/2 a banana, a big spoon of peanut butter, 1 tablespoon of Guarana syrup and a handful of peanuts.
Blend well. This should give you a thick milkshake.

Sublime Acai juice
1 pack Sublime Acai, 1/2 a banana, 2 tablespoons of Guarana syrup and 150ml Orange juice.

Sublime Acai Milkshake
1 pack Sublime Acai, 2 tablespoons of Guarana syrup and 150ml Milk (rice milk is best) and 4 ice cubes.

The minimum order Quantity is 6 bags (=2.4Kg).

Sublime fruit comes in 100g single serving packs. There are 4 serving packs in a bag.
All fruit pulps cost £5.00 for a 4 x 100g bag

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