Sublime Foods Frozen Acerola Pulp


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Sublime Foods Frozen Acerola Pulp
Acerola: Also known as Barbados cherry, it’s got 80 times as much vitamin C as Oranges (so tastes a little tart). It’s great in cocktails or smoothies. Mix with freshly-squeezed orange juice for a vitamin C rich smoothy
One of the richest known natural sources of Vitamin C
Pronounced as a-sir-rola
Excellent source of powerful antioxidants
Rich in protein and mineral salts – principally iron, calcium and phosphorusDelicate flavour, with apple notes
An ideal source of nutrients necessary for immune support
A natural ingredient used for detoxification
What better way to boost your immune system than with this 100% natural cherry-like fruit from Brazil. Acerola is fast becoming the healthy and natural option for people seeking to obtain their daily supply of vitamin C, as well as other vitamins and minerals necessary to keep their immune system working in peak condition.
Acerola has long been consumed in Brazil as a health tonic, and as an enjoyable and refreshing natural drink. In fact acerola juice is as common in Brazil as orange juice is in the rest of the world. Traditionally acerola has been consumed in Brazlil as a natural remedy for fever and dysentery, as well as being used as an anti-inflammatory, astringent, diuretic, arterial stimulant for the liver and renal systems, and as a heart tonic. It is employed as a natural aid for anemia, diabetes, high cholesterol, liver problems, fungal infections, rheumatism and tuberculosis.
Many Scientists including Linus Pauling (2 times Nobel Prize winner) have claimed that vitamin C is the key to long and healthy life. Dr. Matthias Rath claims that adequate Vitamin C can help prevent cholesterol build up and arthereosclerosis as well as being a preventative measure against heart attacks and strokes.
Sublime Acerola juice
1 pack Sublime Acerola, 200ml Orange juice. 
This makes a really tart drink (with loads of vitamin c goodness), you may wish to sweeten it – add some Guarana syrup or your favourite sweetener.
Sublime Acerola milkshake
1 pack Sublime Acerola, 200ml milk / rice milk. 
This makes a really tart drink (with loads of vitamin c goodness), you may wish to sweeten it – add some Guarana syrup or your favourite sweetener.
The minimum order Quantity is 6 bags (=2.4Kg).
Sublime fruit comes in 100g single serving packs. There are 4 serving packs in a bag.
All fruit pulps cost £5.00 for a 4 x 100g bag
Delivery is vital on this product. Deliveries are made by express courier for mainland UK deliveries. There must be somebody to accept delivery on this product and put it into the freezer. We shall call you before dispatch to confirm a suitable day for delivery

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