Sun Chlorella 'A1' (300 tablets)


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Sun Chlorella A1 (300 tablets)
Sun Chlorella ‘A’ is a high quality and balanced nutritional food supplement rich in various nutrients. Sun Chlorella ‘A’ contains nutrients such as essential amino acids, vitamins, minerals and chlorophyll that are known to be essential for a healthy body.
Because we use Chlorella Pyrenoidosa (SUN CHLORELLA strain) that is cultivated outdoors, our chlorella contains a larger amount of Chlorella Growth Factor (C.G.F.) than any other chlorella species. Our unique and patented technology succeeds in breaking down the cell walls by 95%, thereby solving the only remaining problem of tough cell walls that hindered digestion and absorption. Hence this product is sure to satisfy not only first-time users, but also those who experienced dissatisfaction with conventional chlorella products or other health foods.
DIRECTIONS: 15-40 tablets to be taken at any time. Start taking in smaller amounts and gradually increase as desired. New users should build up to the recommended intake. A detailed leaflet is enclosed in the pack.
INGREDIENTS: Pulverised Chlorella (95.5%), Soy lecithin (from non GMO soy beans)
Our body is exposed to toxins every day in one form or another either in the foods we eat, the water we drink, or even in the air we breathe. These toxins can damage our body’s natural defense system and cause health problems.
As the body ages, it struggles to eliminate toxins. The chlorophyll in Sun Chlorella ‘A’ binds to these toxins in the intestinal tract, thereby inhibiting absorption and re-absorption. It therefore can be useful in promoting elimination and lowering the toxic presence in the body.
Chlorella has the highest known concentration of chlorophyll.
Chlorella Growth Factor
Chlorella Growth Factor (C.G.F.) is a complex of nucleic acid and amino acid, which is highly regarded for anti-aging. Nucleic acid has the potential to help the body repair cellular damage and stimulate cellular re-growth where it may have been hindered by the aging process.
Sun Chlorella ‘A’ tablets contain C.G.F.. However, in order to make this valuable component even more readily available, we have concentrated it to make an easily absorbed drink. This pleasant tasting liquid is called Chlorella Wakasa Gold and an ideal complement to your daily consumption of Sun Chlorella ‘A’ when your system needs a little more help.
Iron is an essential nutrient and is vital to many of our cells activities. Iron is essential for healthy blood as it forms part of haemoglobin (a protein that gives blood its red colour). Haemoglobin carries oxygen round the body to all the cells and a lack of iron in the body causes anaemia, lethargy, tiredness and weakness.
Iron is found in meat, egg yolks, fortified breakfast cereals, green vegetables and pulses.
Research has shown that iron intakes are low in certain groups of the population. A quarter of women aged 19-64 have low intakes of iron. (source: NDNS Vol 3 2003).
Sun Chlorella ‘A’ is a source of iron and a serving of 15 tablets contains 30% of the RDA.
Vitamin B12
Vitamin B12 aids cell development, functioning of the nervous system and the metabolism of protein and fat. B12 is found almost exclusively in animal products such as meat, fish, and dairy. Fruit and vegetables contain virtually none at all. Therefore, Sun Chlorella ‘A’ may be a useful source of B12 for those who eat a vegetable based diet.
Lack of vitamin B12 can cause pernicious anaemia, fatigue, dizziness, palpitation, numbness in your feet and hands, jittery nerves, depression and lack of concentration.
Sun Chlorella ‘A’ is very rich in vitamin B12.
Vitamin D
Vitamin D aids in the formation of bone and teeth. Vitamin D is produced in the body by the action of sunlight on the skin, and is also found in dairy product such as butter, milk and cheese.
Lack of vitamin D may be associated with bone-thinning osteoporosis that can result in brittle bones that can break easily.
Sun Chlorella ‘A’ is very rich in vitamin D.
Beta Carotene – Vitamin A
Natural beta-carotene is known as a superior antioxidant helping the body to protect itself. Free radicals are produced during the various metabolic processes that occur everyday in the body and have the potential to result in cell damage. Antioxidant nutrients mop up these free radicals and reduce the potential for them to cause harm. Free radical damage has been associated with certain problems such as heart disease and cancers.
Sun Chlorella ‘A’ is rich in vitamin A.
Folic Acid
Folic acid is a really important nutrient and is of particular interest. Its key role is for normal cell division and formation of blood cells. Additionally it has an important role in the normal structure of the nervous system and this is where it is linked to reducing the risk of neural tube defects in a foetus. A lack of folic acid causes a specific type of anaemia as well as increasing the risk of neural tube defects in unborn children.
Good sources of folic acid are green leafy vegetables, liver and offal, yeast extract, orange juice, and fortified foods such as breakfast cereals.

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