Sun Chlorella Sun Wakasa Gold Plus 500ml


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Sun Wakasa Gold

Sun Wakasa Gold Plus® contains liquid concentrate from the nucleus of the chlorella cell. Known as ‘Chlorella Growth Factor’, or ‘CGF’, this compound contains a blend of nucleic and amino acids.

Sun Wakasa Gold Plus® delivers the perfect partner in
nutrition, working most effectively as part of your daily
health regime when taken alongside Sun Chlorella® ‘A’
tablets or granules.
Whilst Sun Wakasa Gold Plus® delivers a concentrated
level of CGF, Sun Chlorella® ‘A’ provides a range of
essential nutrients such as vitamin D, for the maintenance
of bone health and muscle function; vitamin B12, to
contribute to immunity function and the reduction
of tiredness and fatigue; Iron for cognitive function;
manganese for the formation of connective tissue, and
folic acid, to contribute to normal amino acid synthesis.

ar from a health fad, the
ancient chlorella algae
in the Sun Wakasa Gold
PLUS® formula has
managed to survive on
earth for over 540 million
years, primarily due
to its ability to rapidly
replenish and revitalise
its own cells.
We enjoy 15ml daily. Drink with a glass of water or juice if required.
Ingredients: Concentrated chlorella extract (53%), pure water, fructose, acidity regulator (dl-malic acid), lemon essence, capsicum extract

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