Sweet Almond Cold Pressed Oil 100ml


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Ayuverdic herb enriched. This freshly pressed bottle of oil was made from approximatley 400g of succulent Almond nuts.
Great for blending as a carrier oil for aromatherapy and massage, and amazing for the skin.

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Sweet almond oil for the skin.

Many essential oils are just too volatile or sensitive to be used in great quantities, so you need to catch their essence in a carrier oil. Sweet Almond oil is a real all rounder, and perfect as a massage, skin, and bath, oil base.

It can also be used by itself. It has a very pleasing sweet and nutty scent, and is absorbed quickly and easily by the skin without leaving behind greasy or sticky residues. It's full of oleic acid and vitamin E which are recommended for healthy skin.

In all, sweet almond oil is a fabulous moisturiser whether used by itself or used with other essential oils.

Sweet almond oil as a food

Organic sweet almond oil also makes really delicious cooking oil. As it heats to a high temperature without too much smoke it is great for cooking, and its nuttiness make it perfect for eastern foods. Use instead of olive oil or sunflower oil when preparing flavoursome dishes. A tablespoon of almond oil also brings a nutty flavour and silky, unctuous, consistency to smoothies.

Sweet almond oil makes a delicious salad dressing too- just mix 1 parts acid (try lemon juice and wine vinegars) with 3 parts sweet almond oil jazzed up with a pinch of herbs (try tarragon), touch of seasoning, and teaspoon of mustard. Fabulous on spinach, lettuce, or any greens


Prunus dulcis (Sweet almond oil).

Storage Instructions

Oil should be used within 12 months once it has been opened.


This product is natural so use within 6-9 months of opening. External use only


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