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Syno-Vital Pet 30 x 5ml

Syno-Vital Pet is an easy to use liquid supplement, that contains Hyaluronan, which can be used to keep joints healthy, maintain bones and keep your pet’s coat shiny and smooth

The supplementation of hyaluronan through the use of food supplements such as Syno-Vital can help avoid joint problems.
Synovial fluid is made up of hyaluronan and other important components (lubricin, proteinases, and collagenases). As an animal ages it can have a problem making enough new hyaluronan to replace that lost naturally.
Hyaluronan has been described as ‘nature’s healing agent’ and ‘nature’s moisturiser’. It is an essential part of the fluid that lubricates the joints and has an important role in joint-bone health.
Hyaluronan reduces friction, lubricates joints, absorbs shocks, allows passage of oxygen and nutrients, and removes carbon dioxide and metabolic wastes from the cartilage. Supplementation of hyaluronan helps maintain healthy synovial fluid.
How can I tell if my pet has a problem with it’s joints?
It is difficult as our pets can’t tell us they are in pain. However difficulties with standing up or getting up or down stairs, reluctance to go on walks, strange or uneven gait are all indicators. Pets that have previously broken or damaged limbs may be particularly prone to joint problems and arthritis as they age. Some breeds commonly suffer as they get older – ask your breeder or veterinsry surgeon.


The hyaluronan used in Syno-Vital, however, is manufactured using a fermentation process which yields a high-quality effective product. Always look out for products with high molecular weight to ensure effectiveness. The Syno-Vital formulation has a high molecular weight of 1.2 million Dalton

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