T3 therapy 10 day MATURE WOMAN Body Blitz Box For The Menopause


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T3 therapy 10 dayMATURE WOMAN Body Blitz Box For The Menopause



Need help with the Menopause? Are hot flushes driving you mad ? Do you suffer from anxiety, fluid retention or loss of libido? Are you noticing the deterioration of the condition of your hair, skin and nails? Would you like a different way to help tackle the menopause?

Mature woman body blitz for the Menopause is a completely natural treatment to aid a woman’s transition through all stages of the menopause.
This Menopause kit provides everything your body needs as a back up support to help establish hormonal control. Reducing symptoms of menopause helping to reassure, cool, calm and help regain focus and energy levels. One of the key ingredients in the Mature Woman Box is the amazing t3 Regulate Flower Essence highly recommended by Susan Clark in the Sunday Times Style Magazine.


B-50 complex & B5 pantothenic acid essential in hormone manufacture, helps to boost energy and decrease flushing caused by the Menopause.

Pycnogenol extract a Very potent nutrient with amazing properties to help with reducing heat and flushing. Anti-inflammatory and calming action to help reduce swelling and fluid retention. Helps to build collagen and maintain skin elasticity helping to prevent wrinkles. Also aids in improving the circulation helping to lower blood pressure and protect heart and arteries.
Calcium/Maganesium Are included for their beneficial calming ability and for bone health. It is also required by all bodily systems but particularly the nervous system.

The Menopause box also contains the t3 regulate essence which helps to ease the emotions and create hormonal balance.

Also includes nutritional advice leaflet about the Menopause.

This Mature Woman Menopause Body Blitz box is also suitable for Pre-menopausal symptoms & Post-menopausal symptoms.

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