Teatox Skinny detox 14-days Combo 100g


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Teatox Skinny detox 14-days Combo 100 g

Skinny Detox Plan consists of an organic morning and evening tea and is full of cleansing herbs and detoxifying properties. It’s designed to support your body with just the right ingredients to get in shape, detox and get rid of unwanted weight. On top of the perfect tea blend we also provide you with a specially designed nutrition plan for your healthy and balanced diet. It includes tips, tricks and many recipes so that you feel as comfortable as possible. Access and download the guide for free from www.TEATOX.DE/SKINNY All ingredients of Skinny Detox Good Morning: Lemon grass, dandelion, green mate leaves, goji berries, green tea sencha, ginger root, birch leaves, nettle leaves, goldenrod, horsetail. yarrow, cornflower blossoms. All ingredients of Skinny Detox Good Night: Rooibos, lemon balm leaves, peppermint leaves, green oat herbs, hibiscus blossoms, elderflower, lime blossoms, yarrow, cornflower blossoms.

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