The Coconut Company Organic Amino Sauce 150ml


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Organic Amino Sauce is an all-purpose seasoning and a natural, gluten-free alternative to Soy Sauce. Our Amino Sauce is derived from the raw sap of the coconut blossom and naturally fermented for 10 months without adulteration. It is blended with organic coconut nectar, coconut sugar, garlic and sea salt and aged further until black. It is a rich, salty sauce with a hint of sweetness. The delicate way of processing means it retains live enzymes and remains raw.

This product is 100% natural, soy-free, gluten-free and contains an abundance of vitamins and minerals, plus a host of dominant amino acids. A natural alternative to Soy Sauce. An excellent marinade for meat and fish, in stir fries, soups, sauces, salad dressings and as a dipping sauce. 100% natural, 0% preservatives. Shake well before use.

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