The Pulpa açai Value Pack


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Pulpa is offering an exceptional offer on its range of acai products – The Pulpa Value Pack includes:

1 x 90g tubs of Pure Freeze Dried Acai Berries

2 x Acai & Green Tea Infusion

The freeze drying process retains all the nutritional properties of acai through reducing the pulp into a fine powder at very low temperatures.  Unlike extracts, freeze dried acai completely captures the unique synergy of nutritional benefits found in acai and is completely pure with no carrying agents.  We guarantee our freeze dried powder to be the very best quality and we back this up fully with our nutritional analysis.  It is simply pure acai with nothing added and is excellent as a versatile ingredient.

This infusion is a refreshing blend of Acai Berries and Chinese Sencha Green Tea, which preserves a delicate to subtle flavour. Both are renowned for their rich antioxidant properties, which may help protect the body from the damage caused by free radicals.

Chinese Sencha Green Tea is from the Anhui Province in Eastern China. This tea is quickly pan fired after plucking and rolling to halt the onset of oxidation, which gives it a unique colour and character.

It is the synergy of combining both Acai and Sencha Green Tea that makes this infusion so special.

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