Thermoslimmer Phase 1 Dietary Supplement 45 Day Supply


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Thermoslimmer Phase 1 Dietary Supplement 45 Day Supply 180 caps

 New Thermoslimmer Phase One Slimming Capsules have replaced the Thermoslimmer Original capsules. They are a combination of natural herbs and plant extracts which, when taken up to two hours after food, helps break down the fat within the food turning it into heat (energy), in exactly the same way that the body’s natural fluids process food.

“When combined with a normal diet and adequate water replenishment, thermogenic substances can significantly enhance our ability to lose weight, and give other positive side effects such as an increase in mental alertness, better productivity, less of an interest in eating, a boost in energy levels, improved resistance to asthma or other allergy symptoms, lowering of cholesterol levels, alleviate depression, a benefit from a drop in blood pressure and provide a feeling of well being.” “The science of Thermogenics holds the key to safe and effective weight loss because it focuses on the biological processes which burn off fat.” When describing what a thermogenic product is, in her book, Thermogenics – Fast Effective Weight Loss, Dr. Elkins explains them as: “natural compounds which safely boost metabolism and therefore increase the burning of fat.” And “If used correctly can significantly contribute to weight loss.” This huge, 180 capsule tub of Thermoslimmer Ltd’s Phase 1 is ideally suited for someone who wants to speed up the time it takes to lose those few pounds.

Directions: As a dietary supplement, a maximum of 4 capsules to be taken daily. 2 between 9 and 10am, 2 between 1 and 2pm. If working an unusual shift pattern take 2 capsules one hour after the first main meal of the day and 2 capsules one hour after the second meal. Some people would find 1 capsule per serving sufficient.

Ingredients: Capsule shell, guarana, magnesium oxide, l-tyrosine, l-carnitine, l-tartrate, zinc amino acid chelate, ginger root powder, green tea, pyridoxine HCI, siberian ginseng, chromium amino acid cheleate

Do not exceed 4 capsules per day. Keep out of reach of children. This product is not intended as a meal replacement. Not intended for individuals should refer to their GP or health practitioner. Not for use whilst pregnant or lactating. This product is not intended to diagnose, test, cure or prevent any disease

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