Thermoslimmer Phase 3 Fat Blocker 180 Capsule


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Thermoslimmer Phase 3 Fat Blocker 180 Capsule

Phase 3 Fat Blocker has had 3 separate Clinical Trials which show it to be infinitely stronger than its nearest rivals Bosal and Chitosan. Literally look back at the PAN and see the oils, fat and crease that the product has prevented entering your body. This is the Larger Size version which is great for making the most economical purchase. This is a use "only as and when needed" product so is extremely economical as it’s only to be used as and when you are taking foods with seriously bad high volumes of calorie laden fats.


Powder of catus Opuntia Ficus indica leaves. Capsules Shell (hydroxy prophyl methyl cellulose, glycennie, disodium phosphate).

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