Thorncroft Kombucha Cordial 375ml


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Thorncroft Kombucha Cordial 375ml
Thorncroft are the only people to make a concentrated Kombucha Cordial. We do this by evaporating off most of the water from the fermented Kombucha base at low temperature and pressure, leaving a concentrate 30 times stronger than the original brew. We then blend peach juice concentrates, and cider vinegar, to give a fine flavoured cordial ready for mixing with mineral water.
A huge amount of research has been done on the effects of Kombucha, much of it in Russia, and Germany, and we have a bibliography of over 200 scientific ar
Serving Suggestion
Highly concentrated – dilute 10:1 or to taste with sparkling or still water.
Cane sugar, water, Kombucha 30 x concentrate 31% (from sweetened green tea fermented with Kombucha culture) peach juice concentrate, fruit tea extract, cider vinegar, natural flavours.
Nutritional Information
Per 100ml:
Energy 108KJ/25kcal, Protein trace, Carbohydrate 6.1g, of which sugars 6.1g, Fat nil, Fibre nil, Sodium trace.
Other Information
A mysterious fermented brew from the east, full of vitality Concentrated Kombucha (tea fermented with Kombucha culture) with fruit tea extracts and peach juice. and well-being, with a powerful fruity flavou

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