TIANA High Omega 3 Organic Coconut Butter


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TIANA High Omega 3 Organic Coconut Butter 250g
TIANA Certified Organic Coconut butter is cholesterol free and it does not raise cholesterol levels.  Trans-fat free and it does not form trans-fats when heated. It is naturally saturated butter that contains medium chain triglycerides (MCTs), which easily digested.  It is also excellent source of energy.
Fantastically versatile, perfect for deep frying as it does not alter the taste of food, use as a wonderful substitute for cooking oils, margarines or goose fat for all frying, roasting and stir-frying or baking.
Great value cooking butter, ideal for low fat cooking as you only need half of table spoon for cooking curries or stirs.
Healthy eating can improve your general health 
No coconut taste, No coconut aroma, No cholesterol, No trans fat, No chemicals, No hexane, No preservatives, No additives, No sugar, No starch, No soya, No yeast, No maize or corn,  No wheat, No gluten, No grain, No dairy, No lactose, No colouring, No GMO, No Fish. 100% vegetarian and Vegan.

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