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Tribest Fruitstar Juicer
Juice a wide variety of fruits and vegetables using the Tribest Fruitstar Vertical Juicer. The vertical design of this slow juicer is perfect for use in small kitchens with limited working space. It includes a pulp strainer to sieve additional pulp from your juice – perfect for those wanting less fibre and a not so thick juice consistency. The powerful 240 watt motor, unlike competitor’s 150 watt motors, spins at a low 80 rpm ensuring the preservation of nutrients while still retaining the power to be able to juice a wide variety of fruits, vegetables fand leafy greens.
Slow Juicing:
Single, masticating auger spins at a slow 80 rpm to prevent oxidation and allows juice to be stored without degradation.
Replaceable parts:
Tribest products are built to last. However, if the wear and tear of regular juicing eventually begins to take its toll, replaceable parts are available to add extra years to your juicer.
Pulp wiping assembly:
The innovative pulp wiping assembly reduces clogging due to pulp build up on the juicing screen so that the juice can push through much quicker.
Quick and easy to clean:
The vertical design means that juice is able to pass through much quicker than conventional juicers and the bespoke cleaning brushes make it super quick to clean
10 Year Warranty
Powerful 240 watt motor
80 rpm slow juicing auger
Heavy duty juicing screen is long lasting and prevents wear and tear
BPA free construction on the housing and casing
Includes parts from super-tough GE Ultem material
A convenient hand grip makes Fruitstar easier to use and move around
Safety Switch ensures that unit is only operational when properly assembled
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