Tru Formula Hand Cream 200ml


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This Tru Formula hand cream is completely true to the original formula. No corners were cut, no substitutes were used, nothing except the very first technically accurate hand cream was permitted. The result is a hand cream like no other.

Smooth waxy feel
No sticky residue
Ideal conductor
Moisturises and soothes

The G&G Tru Formula Hand Cream is now supplied in a premium quality pump bottle that uses the latest cutting edge technology. Within the bottle the hand cream is stored inside a vacuum bag. When you dispense some cream from the bottle the bag shrinks too and in that way ensures your cream stays fresher for longer thus making dispensing more efficient and more economical. Your cream will continue to pump until the bottle is empty, with no need to hold the bottle upside down to get out the last bits.

Some priming of the pump may be required with new bottles. Simply shake the bottle and push the pump mechanism until cream starts to flow. Once primed the pump will continue to work indefinitely.

Simply apply to your hands, rub in and wipe off any excess cream and you are ready to go.

Purified Water
Emulsified Cetomacrofolis Wax
Cetyl Alcohol
Sorbitol Solution
Sorbic Acid (as Potassium Sorbate)

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