Udo’s Choice Digestive Enzymes GOLD


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Udo’s Choice Digestive Enzymes GOLD

A blend of 9 plant based digestive enzymes each having a specific action on food substrates that are consumed in the diet. It has 3 protein digesting enzymes including Alphagalactosidase which is beneficial in reducing gas. This makes Digestive Enzymes Gold particularly beneficial for people embarking on a plant based diet as well as those with chronic gut based issues.
• New stronger formula
• Wide range of activity – function throughout the digestive tract
• Effective digestion and improved nutrient absorption
• Aids digestion of proteins, fats, carbohydrates and fibre
• Lactase makes this formula an effective option for those with
lactose intolerance
• Measured according to the FCC (Food chemical codex)
methods with a guaranteed level of activity
Available as: 60 vegetarian capsules V GF DF S
Ingredients (per capsule) Hypromellose (vegetarian capsule), Microcystalline, Alpha-Amylase 41.7mg (5000 FCC DU), Protease, 3.0 40.0mg (80 FCC SAP), Protease 4.5 37.5mg (30,000 FCC HUT), Lactase 37.5mg (3000 FCC ALU), Alpha-galactosidase 30.7mg (400 FCC GalU), Protease 6.0 20mg (10,000 FCC HUT), Bromelain 16.7mg (500,000 FCC PU), Lipase, 14.4mg (1500 FCC LU), Cellulase 4mg (275 FCC CU), Magnesium stearate, Maltodextrin.
Gluten & Dairy Free.
Service Size: 1 Capsule. Servings per container: 60.

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