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Ultra Pure 16 Litre Alkaline Water Fountain increased pH
. Have oodles of Hydrogen Rich Alkaline Water on tap at home, use for cooking too and drink yourself back to health
Have as much Alkaline Water as you like on tap at home or in the office. This gravity fed system not only thoroughly cleans tap water with its ceramic block and multistage active carbon filter but it also alkalises. Great value all round system.
If you want to drink ultra clean, ultra pure sweet alkaline water then go no further.  This has to be the best value all round system on the market.
Even expensive electronic water ionizers don’t clean the water as well as this dual cleaning system does.
The top filter is a solid piece of ceramic with ultra small pores.  When the top reservoir is filled from the tap it takes several hours to filter through the ceramic block and then the five stage filter in the bottom reservoir.
Once the bottom reservoir is full, just keep it topped up so that you always have plenty of fresh alkaline water literally ‘on tap’.
The top two ‘cleaning filters’ have an amazingly long life and last up to 8000 litres before they need replacing depending on water quality.
The bottom alkaline filter needs replacing up to 2500 litres.
Its trouble free, easy to live with and you won’t regret having one.  Your intake of water will go up as you acquaint yourself with how water should really taste!
The Ultra Pure Fountain is easy to assemble, does NOT need plumbing, just lift off the top reservoir, hold under the tap until full and replace on the fountain and leave it to do its work. It fits neatly on any worktop.  Its size is approximately 60cms tall and 30cms round.
Give it a clean once a month or so and that’s all the maintenance it needs.
Best value all round filtration and alkaline water system on the market.

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