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Help Your Family Fight Infections With BEE Prepared Daily Defence Immune Support

A strong immune system is the best defence against germs like bacteria and viruses. Even with the best care, it is not possible to completely avoid exposure to disease causing germs. BEE Prepared Daily Defence Immune Support keeps your body’s defence mechanisms on its toes to prevent infections.

A strong immune system prevents germs from getting a foothold in our body to cause diseases. Upper respiratory tract infections like cold and flu are common problems in the winter months, which result in acute discomfort and loss of work or school time.

Small children and the elderly are more prone to such infections due to their relatively weaker immune systems. BEE Prepared Daily Defence Immune Support contains bee propolis that gives that vital support to keep your family resistant to common infections throughout the year.

The Benefits Of Bee Propolis

We all know about honey, the healthy and nutritious food produced by bees. However, many of us are unaware of other products like royal jelly and bee propolis, which are even more beneficial. In fact, bee propolis is probably the most beneficial and nutritious substance produced by bees.

It is rich in vitamins, minerals and flavonoids and helps the body in developing resistance to disease causing microbes.

Propolis is made from plant resins collected by bees. Bees use it while building hives and also to repair cracks or other damages to the hive. It also helps keep intruders out. Humans discovered the benefits of bee propolis hundreds of years ago.

It was used to treat wounds and skin problems and also helped the ancient Egyptians preserve their mummies. It was used during the world wars to prevent infection and to speed up healing of wounds.

BEE Prepared Daily Defence Immune Support Capsules

The supplement contains extracts of bee propolis, acerola cherry, black elderberry, olive leaf and beta-glucans. It is suitable for everyone and regular use keeps the immune system in peak condition and gives it the ability to resist and fight infections. Many people use it before and during travel, during the winter months to avoid cold and flu, and while preparing for sporting events.


Bee propolis extract: 125mg (Equivalent to 625mg of bee propolis)

Elderberry extract: 100mg (Equivalent to 600mg of Elderberry)

Olive Leaf extract: 50mg (Equivalent to 400mg of olive leaf)

Beta-glucan (1,3/1,6): 25mg (70% from yeast)


One capsule a day. Maximum dosage is 4 capsules a day.

BEE Prepared Daily Defence Immune Support capsules are made from 100% natural ingredients. The product is approved by the Vegetarian Society. Buy it today and give your family the ability to fight cold, flu and other infections.

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