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To fight off infections, especially the cold and flu during winters, your body relies on its immune system. Bee Prepared Immune Support Max gives your immune system the boost it requires to prevent and fight infections. Among other ingredients, Bee Prepared contains bee propolis, the trusted remedy used since ancient times to fight infections.

Bee Propolis – A Highly Beneficial Substance Produced By Bees

Other than honey, bees give us many useful products like royal jelly, bee pollen and bee propolis. Among these, bee propolis is probably the most beneficial substance as far as humans are concerned. It is produced from resins of plants and trees that are collected by bees. Bees use propolis while building or repairing hives and to keep invaders out.

The use of bee propolis dates back to 350 B.C. It was used by the Greeks to treat injuries and infections and by the Egyptians to preserve their mummies. Throughout history, various civilisations have used it for treating infections, wounds, skin lesions, mouth sores and for reducing inflammation. It was also used during both the world wars to prevent infections and promote healing of wounds.

Bee propolis has many applications in modern medicine. Research conducted by institutions in Japan and other countries indicate that bee propolis helps boost the immune system, making it harder for bacteria and viruses, which cause cold and flu, to infect humans. It is also believed to have anti-oxidant properties.

Propolis is a highly nutritious substance that contains vitamins, minerals and flavonoids in significant concentrations. It is an excellent answer to hay fever, allergies, cold and flu, the common ailments that occur during winter.

Bee Prepared Immune Support And Immune Support Max Capsules

Bee Prepared is a combination of high concentrations of bee propolis and other natural immune boosting ingredients in one convenient capsule. Bee Prepared Immune Support contains extracts of bee propolis, acerola cherry, black elderberry, olive leaf and beta-glucans. In addition to these ingredients, Bee Prepared Immune Support Max Strength contains reishi mushroom extracts and astaxanthin.

These supplements are the best defences against cold, flu, allergies, hay fever and many other infections. People take them to keep their immunity high throughout the year. Many people also take them while travelling and while training for or participating in sports events.

Bee Prepared Immune Support products are carefully formulated by experts and have won several awards. They are made in the UK from the best natural ingredients sourced from the EU. They are 100% natural and approved by the Vegetarian Society. You can buy these capsules with confidence and give your immune system the ability to fight infections and reduce inflammation.

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