UV Natural Sport SPF 30+ Sunscreen 125 grams


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UV Natural Sport SPF 30+ Sunscreen 125 grams

Actively use UVNatural "all year round"

• SPF 30+ Broad Spectrum
• 4.4 Oz
• Very water resistant

For the serious players, our non greasy formula will protect the skin from the harmful affects of the sun. This unique formula has the subtle natural aroma of a blend of Australian Sandalwood, Patchouli and Lavender

UV Natural products have been astringently tested as per government requirements, for UVA/UVB protection, Efficacy and Skin Sensitivity.  The skin sensitivity result for our products is 0.This means that UV Natural products have no sensitivity to the skin. It’s All Good!!

Broad spectrum
very water and sweat resistant
Ideal for the sporting enthusiast.

· zinc oxide 24.8%
· zinc stearate
· grape seed oil
· macadamia oil,
· natural vitamin E
· green tea extract
· grape seed extract
· colloidal silica
· Australian sandalwood
· lavender
· patchouli
· iron oxide

Features Benefits
Product of Australia Tested in the harsh Australian climate
TGA/FDA Listed  Meets AU/USA standards

Suitable for all members of the family  Healthy protection for all including sensitive and teenage
skins. Babies under 6mths, consult a doctor. Patch Test
Recommended on back of neck
Tested to determine skin sensitivity Using RIPT (Repeat Insult Patch Test) UVNatural 30+ showed a result of 0
Smooth texture  Moisturising, Hydrating and Skin Conditioning oils
Light pleasant fragrance  No irritating odours, no synthetic fragrances.  No preservatives, natural smell of product disappears after 15-30mins
Clear easily absorbed formula  Easy to wear 
Water resistant /
Very water resistant Protects whilst in the water 
2 year shelf life
  Long life, no waste, good value 

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