VEGA Thrive Meal Replacement Natural Flavour Powder – 1kg


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VEGA Thrive Meal Replacement Natural Flavour Powder – 1kg

Healthy and refreshing natural flavour meal replacement powder for blending with cold water, fresh fruit and juices. This large tub contains enough powder for 17/34 servings according to taste

Formulated by Brendan Brazier, vegan, professional Ironman triathlete and best-selling author on performance nutrition, Vega is made exclusively from natural plant-based whole foods.

A synergistic collection of Brendan’s favourite plant-based superfoods, Vega is not only a complete meal replacement, but also an ideal daily health-optimizing supplement.

High in fibre, protein and essential fatty acids, Vega is naturally filling and satisfying, helping to reduce appetite and cravings. Each serving of Vega supplies:

25g of Broad Spectrum Protein

* 40% of calories from protein, with all essential amino acids in ideal balance
* Alkaline forming, 35% raw protein with enzymes intact
* Protein sourced from hemp, yellow pea, brown rice, flax and chlorella

7g of Essential Fatty Acids

* 30% of calories from naturally occurring fats from whole foods
* EFA’s mostly in the form of hard to get Omega 3’s and zero trans fats
* EFA’s sourced from whole flax seed (not flax meal), hemp and chlorella

16g of Quality Carbohydrates

* 30% of calories from naturally occurring complex carbohydrates; no maltodextrin
* Naturally low glycemic index and no sugars or sugar derivatives added
* Carbohydrates sourced from hemp, flax, brown rice and maca

9g of Fabulous Fibre

* Contains both soluble and insoluble fibre
* Helps balance blood sugar, reduce insulin, improve elimination
* Fibre sourced from hemp, flax, fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS) and chlorella

Full Serving of ChlorEssence (High CGF Chlorella)

* Rich in protein, chlorophyll and nucleic acids DNA & RNA
* Cleanse, nourish, rejuvenate cells and activate, support immune system
* Special cell wall fibre binds to and removes heavy metals and other toxins from the body

Full Serving of MacaSure (Organic Gelatinized Maca)

* Rich in alkaloids, glucosinolates, minerals and sterols
* Increase energy, reduce stress, balance hormones, improve libido
* Gelatinization enhances potency and ease of digestion/absorption

Mixed Berry Complex (ORAC 800 blend)

* Great source of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals
* Helps defend against free radical damage

Probiotics (Dairy-free)

* Beneficial form of bacteria
* Helps maintains healthy intestinal flora

Digestive Enzymes

* Facilitates breakdown of food to improve absorption
* Helps reduce nutritional stress digestion places on the body

24 Vitamins & Minerals

* All essential minerals present in easily absorbable form (HVP Chelate)
* All essential vitamins present in natural form

With just 240 calories and 7g of net carbs per serving (natural flavour), Vega is an excellent choice for those on a calorie-reduced diet. High in fibre, protein and essential fats, Vega is naturally filling and satisfying, helping to suppress appetite and cravings.

Easily digested, alkaline and great-tasting, Vega is clean and green, containing no animal products, corn, dairy, egg, fillers, gluten, soy, sugar, wheat or yeast. Absolutely no artificial colours, flavours, preservatives or sweeteners and GMO and pesticide-free.

One serving of Vega is a complete meal, exceeding all meal replacement requirements, but people with smaller appetites may find half a serving sufficiently satiating.

Each serving of Vega contains a full dose of MacaSure and ChlorEssence!

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