Veggie D3 1000iu (25mcg) 90 Veg Cap


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Veggie D3 1000iu (25mcg) 90 Veg Cap
Vegetarian Society (UK) approved vitamin D3
Recent research on vitamin D adds weight to the argument that we should all watch our vitamin D intake. As many as 60 percent of the UK population is vitamin D deficient and low levels have been linked to serious health problems in later life.
Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin which can either be ingested in food or manufactured by the body as a result of sunlight falling on the skin. People who feel they do not get enough sunshine often choose to supplement their diet with extra Vitamin D.
Vitamin D is essential for healthy bones, as well as teeth, and is also thought to be important for a healthy immune system. Each tablet provides a full 1000iu of vitamin D.
Why should someone supplement with vitamin D?
Many clinical trials have demonstrated the benefits of vitamin D to support bone strength and density: Supplementation with vitamin D at dosages of 700-800 IU daily or higher has been associated with a 23-26% improvement in bone health, especially for older adults.
It is convenient:
Vitamin D3 provides an easy way to increase intake of cholecalciferol – the same form of vitamin D our bodies create naturally.
To support healthy bones:
Healthy bones need vitamin D to properly use calcium and phosphorus.† Vitamin D3 helps regulate calcium and phosphorus absorption through the intestines, reduces kidney excretion of calcium, and regulates the amount of calcium in the bones.
To support a healthy immune system and other health functions in the body:
Vitamin D3 has been shown to enhance healthy cell replication and division, as well as influencing healthy glucose metabolism.
Amount per 1 capsule:
Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) 1000iu (25mcg)
Non active ingredients:
Cellulose (HPMC) capsule shell

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