Vertese Omega 3+6+9 plus Pomegranate 30 vcaps


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Vertese Omega 3+6+9 plus Pomegranate 30 vcaps

New vertese Omega Oils 3+6+9 is a selectively balanced blend of natural plant oils containing Omega-3 and Omega-6 essential fatty acids, and the Omega-9 monounsaturated fatty acid, oleic acid, in a 2:1:1 ratio. This supplement has been specifically created to provide nutrients from these valuable Omega Oils in a blend that gives all-round benefit to the body. The Omega 3, 6, 9 families of fatty acids are an important provider of healthy heart maintenance nutrients and help to maintain supple, flexible joints.

Derived from seven natural plant oils, including flaxseed oil, sunflower oil, pumpkinseed oil and evening primrose oil, the Omega fatty acids present in vertese Omega Oils 3+6+9 may also be of benefit to the body in other ways, giving optimum health maintenance. The many benefits of this innovative supplement include maintenance of the immune system, skin, hair, nails. Some women may find that these fatty acids are of benefit during menstruation and the menopause.

New vertese Omega Oils 3+6+9 allow everyone, including those who can’t eat fish, to benefit from the numerous health properties of Omega essential fatty acids.

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