Vision Support Formula 60’s


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  • 20 mg of Lutemax®† lutein to protect your macula and lens—this is same exact lutein being used in the NIH-sponsored AREDS2 eye health study.
  • 4 mg of astaxanthin, which has also been shown to sharpen vision, enhance the ability of the eyes to focus on near and far objects, and reduce eye strain.
  • 15 mg of zinc to maintain the high levels your eyes require for peak vision health.
  • Added antioxidant power from vitamins A, C, and E to keep your eye muscles strong and tissues healthy.

Your eyes are under constant attack by UV light rays, free radicals from environmental pollutants, hours spent in front of a computer screen, tablet or mobile phone, and simple wear and tear. The key to protecting your vision is getting the best nutrients, in the best forms, at the best levels. Vision Support Formula is specifically formulated to:

  • Provide vision support and protection
  • Reduce symptoms of visual fatigue
  • Support normal eye focusing between near and far objects
  • Support blood flow to ocular tissues
  • Support optimal visual function for athletics

Vision Support Formula helps your eyes adjust faster between near and far objects, adapt to darkness quickly, and most importantly, protect your lens and macula for ongoing healthy vision. With the right nutrients, you can save your vision.

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