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Vita Synergy for Men 180 tabs

Antioxidant botanicals, flowers and spices, many culled from ancient healing traditions, provide their powerful, protective and restorative attributes for every system of a man’s body and being. Vita Synergy for Men is the superlative nutritional foundation delivering an advanced dimension in well-being for men of all ages.

In the staggering array of multiple vitamin and mineral supplements, Vita Synergy stands alone as the only 100% natural, whole-food formula available. We combine our exclusive Naturally Grown Nutrients with our premium tonic herbal extracts, such as chaste-tree berry, ashwaganda, shatavari, damiana, gotu kola, rhodiola, Siberian ginseng, wild yam root and many others, to create uniquely nourishing, authentically energizing, antioxidant-rich formulas for men and women. Vita Synergy’s full-spectrum nutrition is so superior to any other multiple vitamin and mineral supplement that you will feel the difference!

Our Naturally Grown Nutrients deliver essential vitamins and minerals in the form that your body can most easily absorb and utilize  whole food. Consuming whole-food nutrients is more significant than it may seem. It is of no value to consume vitamins and minerals if your body can’t assimilate and benefit from them: you end up simply with expensive urine (sorry, but it’s true!). Consider this: broccoli and almonds don’t contain just calcium, they also contain a multitude of other vitamins and minerals as well as vital phytonutrients, amino acids, lipids and carbohydrates. All of these constituents interact synergistically, much like musical instruments in a symphony, to create the health benefits we associate with vitamins and minerals. Over hundreds of thousands of years, our bodies have become exquisitely adapted to receiving nourishment in whole-food form, and our Naturally Grown Nutrients beautifully reflect this. When you consume Vita Synergy, your body will eagerly embrace all its vital nutrients, enhancing and supporting your health at the most fundamental level.

100% WHOLE FOOD: All the vitamins and minerals in Vita Synergy are our exclusive, whole-food Naturally Grown Nutrients, which offer you superior absorption, retention and bioavailability.

CONCENTRATED AND STANDARDIZED: Our Synergized Botanical Extracts and Biopotentiators are pharmaceutical-quality, full-spectrum herbal extracts from the most reputable sources in the world. Each herb is expertly concentrated and thoroughly tested to ensure that all its naturally occurring, beneficial constituents are present and active. We use standardized concentrates many times more potent than those frequently used by other companies. In this way, Vita Synergy provides you with all the strengthening and balancing benefits of these nourishing botanicals.

SAFE AND PURE: Every ingredient in Vita Synergy, including our herbal extracts, is tested to ensure its origin, purity, species, potency and safety, and we maintain extensive documentation on all ingredients. Moreover, Vita Synergy contains NO fillers, artificial preservatives or synthetic ingredients of any kind.

PURE MANUFACTURING: Vita Synergy tablets are 100% natural! Nearly all other manufacturers use a variety of chemical lubricants, shellacs, glues, stearates, fillers, disintegrants, binders and preservatives to manufacture tablets. While almost everyone else uses these methods, they are completely incompatible with our philosophy and commitment. As a result, The Synergy Company pioneered an exclusive technique for forming tablets using SOLELY 100% natural ingredients.

ULTRA FRESH PACKAGING: All of The Synergy Company’s products are protected by our Ultra Fresh Packaging system. Whole-food vitamins and herbs, like fresh food, deteriorate quickly if they are exposed to light and oxygen, so we take scrupulous care to protect the ingredients in all our products. Glass is the only packaging material that is 100% inert and impermeable (research shows that plastic bottles let in nutrient-robbing oxygen and allow chemicals to leach into food). For this reason, we vacuum-pack Vita Synergy in light-resistant, recyclable glass bottles with a specially designed oxygen absorber and moisture-wicking desiccant. The bottles are then hermetically sealed with induction technology to protect the potency and efficacy of all Vita Synergy’s valuable components.

VEGETARIAN: Vita Synergy is 100% vegetarian.

Vita Synergy for Men – the synergy company
Serving size 6 tablets  2g each,Synergized Botanical Extracts,Ashwagandha Root standardized 350mg ,Rhodiola Root 7:1 extract 150mg ,Eleuthero Root 7:1 extract 150mg ,Fo-Ti Root 7:1 extract 100mg ,Damiana Leaf 5:1 extract 100mg ,Green Oats Aerial Parts 10:1 extract 100mg ,Shatavari (Asparagus racemosus) Root standardized 100mg ,Brahmi (Bacopa monnieri) Leaf standardized 100mg ,Gotu Kola Aerial Parts standardized 75mg ,Tribulus Fruit standardized 50mg ,Triphala Fruits:Amla (Phyllanthus emblica), Bibhitaki,(Terminalia bellerica), Haritaki (Terminalia chebula) standardized 50mg ,Turmeric Root standardized 50mg ,Hawthorn (Crataegus oxyacantha) Leaf and Flower standardized 50mg ,Chinese Licorice Root 7:1 extract 50mg ,Jatamansi Root standardized 25mg ,Biopotentiators,Barley Grass* 875mg ,Shilajit Mineral Pitch standardized 25mg ,Ginger Root standardized 25mg ,Pippali (Piper longum) Fruit standardized 10mg ,Tangerine Peel 7:1 extract 10mg ,Bioperine Black Pepper Fruit standardized 5mg ,Synergized Flowers and Spices 25mg ,Saffron, Dendrobium Orchid Flower, ,hrysanthemum Flower, Rosemary Leaf,,Sage Leaf, Fennel Seed, Sandalwood Bark, Cardamom Seed, Clove Bud,Cinnamon Bark.,* Organic.,Naturally occurring nutrients: Amino Acids, RNA/DNA, SOD, Glutathione, Beta,Glucans, GABA, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Enzymes.,Contains no excipients, fillers, binders, lubricants, stearates, other additives, gluten or,dairy products.
Normal dosage:-
4  6 tablets a day  can be taken any time with or without meals

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