Vitabiotics Menopace 90 Tablets


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Vitabiotics Menopace 90 tablets

Menopace is an effective formulation of 22 nutrients in a vegetarian tablet form which can be taken alongside or independently of HRT. Many women experience unwanted effects at this time, but in trials up to 85% of women found Menopace beneficial. The soy isoflavones in Menopace are very similar to human produced oestrogen and can have positive effects such as helping to maintain strong bones and maintain low LDL cholesterol.

The advanced Menopace formula also includes vitamin B complex, zinc and magnesium, three nutrients used by the body in the production of GLA (gamma linolenic acid), a precursor of the body’s own hormone like substances which help regulate changes in hormone balance. Also included are vitamin E, which may be of benefit in helping to normalise hot flushes, and mixed B vitamins, which are involved in the maintenance of the nervous system and may help contribute to a normal sense of well-being. In trials, up to 62% of women found MenopaceÒ helped to balance body temperature. Menopace includes vitamin C to help promote collagen production, and provides magnesium, zinc and vitamin D, to help maintain strong bones. These nutrients facilitate bone mineralisation and the uptake of calcium and may help maintain bone density when taken in conjunction with a calcium supplement such as Osteocare.

Bone health is particularly important for women during the menopause, since the bone loss accelerates from 0.1% to 3% per annum during this time. Menopace also includes nutrients such as vitamin E, vitamins B6, B12 and folic acid at levels scientifically determined to help maintain heart health.

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