Vitabiotics Wellman 30 tablets


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 Vitabiotics Wellman 30 tablets

A comprehensive formulation of 29 essential bio-elements, Wellman has been specially developed to help maintain general health and vitality in men of all ages. As a man you may be looking for a nutritional supplement to help achieve optimum sports performance, to safeguard reproductive health, or to help maintain energy levels and general health. If you have a hectic and stressful lifestyle, Wellman represents a simple, no-fuss solution, providing all the nutrients you need to help make an important difference. The comprehensive, research-based formulation safeguards your daily diet, which may be placed under additional demands by stress, alcohol consumption, smoking or pollution.

Unlike a general multivitamin, the nutrient levels in Wellman have been specifically formulated for men, often providing more than 100% of the recommended daily allowance for optimum nutrient levels.

Wellman includes antioxidants and minerals, including bioflavonoids to help maintain a healthy immune system and co-enzyme Q10, selenium and vitamins C & E to help protect against free radicals generated during exercise. L-carnitine, magnesium and vitamin B complex are included for the efficient energy release from food and zinc and other minerals are particularly important to men’s reproductive health. Wellman is recommended for men of all ages. Its comprehensive formula safeguards the supply of all major nutrients, so an additional multivitamin supplement is not necessary.

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