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Vital Greens Powder 30 x 10 g

Vital Greens is the solution. Get it All-in-One! 76 ALL-NATURAL INGREDIENTS, rich in hundreds of essential nutrients, working in synergy to give your body the best nutritional support. Look Good  Feel Great  Stay Young So Much More Than Just Greens A Multi-Vitamin!

The All-In-One Nutritional Superfood Vital Greens is a carefully balanced blend of nutritionally potent and nutrient-dense greens, vegetables and fruits, plus additional herbs, natural minerals, powerful antioxidants, probiotics for intestinal health, essential amino acids, essential fatty acids (omegas 3, 6 and 9), digestive enzymes, cell pigments, plant sterols and fibres. The ingredients are correctly proportioned to work in synergy for maximum effect; they provide optimum nutrient levels to help improve detoxification, aid digestion, build immunity and deliver energy and vitality to every cell in your body. Real food as nature intended Unlike some synthetic multi-vitamins, Vital Greens is concentrated REAL FOOD, raw and alive.
Your body recognises it as food, absorbs the nutrients at the cellular level and uses them to promote good health. Vital Greens is carefully and slowly blended to avoid heat, so that the enzymes, co-factors and other heat-sensitive nutrients essential to effectiveness of the blend, remain intact. Easily digested and absorbed Vital Greens Is a powder, for two important reasons. Firstly, dissolved in liquid it is much easier to digest and absorb. Secondly, it’s the practical way to ensure you get a useful serving. It would take many tablets to deliver the equivalent goodness. Tablets and capsules are more difficult to digest; in fact many people cannot digest them at all. The perfect complement to modern-day life. Vital Greens does not replace your normal daily diet. It is nutritional support to help face the challenges and stresses of a modern lifestyle: environmental toxins, poor food quality from highly refined carbohydrates and sugars, food grown in depleted soils, poor eating habits, excess alcohol, missed exercise and more. Vital Greens helps to detox your body, improve the acid alkaline balance, support the immune system and give you more energy. Good for kids, sport and age challenges alike Vital Greens helps combat the effects of aging by providing essential nutrients to help maintain skin, hair, joints and muscle. Equally, it supports nutrient needs of growing youngsters and the nutritional demands of physical training. Vital Greens helps everyone to look good, feel great and stay young, healthy and alive. It’s easy and it tastes great Vital Greens is an easy once-per-day, all-in-one, complete support formula which you just stir into a non-acidic juice, your favourite milk or even water. Often fresh fruits are added for a delicious smoothie. And, it tastes great! – amazing for a greens product and all achieved naturally. NO NASTIES! Vital Greens contains ONLY pure and natural nutrition that’s great for your health! NO Gluten NO Corn NO Egg NO Wheat NO Dairy NO Cholesterol NO Yeast NO Added Salt NO MSG NO Chemicals NO Additives NO Artificial Colours NO Artificial Flavours NO GM food Great for Vegans, Vegetarians and Allergy Sufferers All You Need to Help You and Your Family Look Good, Feel Great And Stay Young� Vital Greens GIVES YOU: 76 ALL-NATURAL INGREDIENTS – hundreds of essential nutrients to cover every nutritional base A blend of the most nutritionally potent and nutrient dense greens, vegetables and fruits available All the benefits of spirulina, chlorella and other superfoods in the blend, PLUS additional herbs, enzymes, probiotics and natural minerals to ensure optimal levels of essential nutrients in every serve Real Food that your body recognises, absorbs, and uses as nature intended FREE from gluten, allergens, additives, artificial flavours, dairy, wheat and other nasties Cold-blended to keep the food alive with the enzymes and other heat-sensitive nutrients intact; essential for digestion Powdered form to ensure effective serving size and better absorption � Great tasting, easy to take, once-per-day � Suitable for all the family � Your answer to endless choice and uncertainty Vital Greens works with your body to: Detoxify Gastrointestinal health can represent over 70% of a body’s ability to beat disease. Cleansing and detoxifying your liver and bowels to eliminate built-up waste, when done correctly, leads to immediate and profound changes in health.�

Energise Through all the green �superfood’ ingredients. Alkalise Tiny changes in the acid-alkaline balance can result in very rapid improvements in well-being, pain relief, elimination of bloating and even joint function. Nourish Vital Greens aids nutritional insurance. The comprehensive nutrient �cover’ in the formula helps to address deficiencies, with ingredients that boost stamina and support your immune system. Support With adaptogens and other ingredients that can help your mental acuity, focus and concentration. "
Organic Spirulina 1,000mg
Lecithin (95% phosphatides) 1,000mg
PhytoProtein’ Pea Protein Isolate 88% 928mg
Organic apple powder 666mg
Citrus Bioflavanoid Extract 500mg
Globe Artichoke extract (15:1) equiv. 500mg
Organic Inulin (F.O.S. pre-biotics) 416mg
Calcium Citrate 333mg
Organic Wheatgrass Powder 333mg
Chlorella Powder 333mg
Organic Alfalfa powder 333mg
Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) 333mg
Organic Flaxseed Powder 333mg
Barley leaf Powder 292mg
Acerola Fruit Juice Powder Extract (10:1) equiv. 266mg
Organic Broccholi Flower Powder 250mg
Carica Papaya Powder 250mg
Pineapple Fresh Fruit concentrate (10:1) 240mg
Brown Rice Bran 233mg
Potassium phosphate (Dibasic) 233mg
Bilberry Fresh Fruit Extract (100:1) equiv. 200mg
Rosehip Fruit Powder 166mg
Magnesium Citrate 166mg
Red Beet Juice powder 166mg
Citric Acid (Anhydrous) 150mg
d-alpha Tocopherol Succinate (Vitamin E) 147mg
Carrot Root Powder 83mg
Alpha Lipoic Acid 66mg
Grapeseed Extract (120:1) (std.95%O.P.C.) equiv. 66mg
Green Tea Extract (10:1) equiv. 66mg
Cocoa Bean Polyphenol Extract equiv. 66mg
Gotu Kola Extract (4:1) equiv. 66mg
Rosemary Leaf Extract (4:1) equiv. 66mg
Organic Spinach Leaf Powder 66mg
Siberian Ginseng Root Extract (10:1) equiv. 66mg
Astragalus Root Extract (20:1) equiv. 66mg
Schizandra chinensis Fruit Extract (5:1) equiv. 66mg
Ginger Rhizome Powder equiv. 66mg
Licorice Root Powder 66mg
Bromelain 54mg
Wolfberry (Go-ji) Fruit Extract (5:1) equiv. 33mg
Dandelion Root Extract (5:1) equiv. 33mg
Calcium Phosphate 33mg
Colloidal Silica (Anhydrous) 29mg
Hawthorne Fruit Extract (4:1) equiv. 29mg
Ganoderma lucidum (Reishi) Mushroom Powder 20mg
Shitake Mushroom Powder 20mg
Burdock Root Powder 20mg
Slippery Elm Bark Powder 20mg
Zinc Amino Acid Chelate 16mg
Nicotinic Acid (Vitamin B3) 15mg
Kelp Whole Plant Powder 8mg
Co-enzyme Q-10 (Ubidecaronene) 8mg
Calcium Pantothenate (Vitamin B5) 2.9mg
Pyridoxine HCI (Vitamin B6) 2.6mg
Thiamine (Vitamin B1) 2.3mg
Beta-carotene (Pro-Vitamin A) 2mg
Riboflavine (Vitamin B2) 1.6mg
Nicotinamide (Vitamin B3) 1.6mg
Manganese Amino Acid Chelate 1.6mg
Biotin 275mcg
Folic Acid 292mcg
Chromium Picolinate 83mcg
Seleno-methionine 40mcg
Cyanocobalamin (Vitamin B12) 23mcg
Copper Gluconate 1.25mcg
Ergocalciferol (Vitamin D2) 92i.u.
Lactobacillus acidophilus
(freeze dried Dairy-Free Pro-biotic) 3 billion
Bifidobacterium bifidum
(freeze dried Dairy-Free Pro-biotic) 3 billion
BASE: Organic papaya, broccoli, cherry powder,
carrot, pineapple, natural vanilla. Contains
N.A.S.A.A. and I.F.O.A.M. certified organic

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