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Great for your health and perfect for all the family Superior Pea Protein Isolate – the highest concentration of vegetable protein available Essential For Everyone! Protein is the main building block of DNA and the basis for all enzyme activity to maintain and detox our bodies. REPAIR  WEIGHT CONTROL  ENERGY  IMMUNE SUPPORT 88% Protein, 98% Digestibility, Highest alkaline Protein available, LOW GI LOW Fat LOW Carbs LOW Allergenic GREAT FOR VEGANS AND VEGETARIANS NO Gluten NO Dairy NO Lactose NO Peanuts NO Soy NO Eggs NO Sesame NO Mustard NO Crustaceans NO Additives NO Preservatives NO Artificial Colourings NO Artificial Flavourings NO Artificial Sweeteners 88% Protein, 98% Digestibility, Extemeley alkaline, Gluten Free, Wheat Free, Dairy Free! Soy Free
Vital Protein product summary
88% Bio-Available Protein – World’s best for plant sourced protein
All natural, 100% Vegetable Origin
Balanced Amino Acid profile – best of any plant sourced protein
High Digestibility (98%) – best of any plant sourced protein
High Alkalinity level (ph 7.8) – best of any bottled protein on market as at July 2009
Low Cabohydrate Level 0.1%
High Tolerance – extremely well absorbed
Gluten Free
Low Allergenic
HACCP Certified Organic flavours
Low in Anti-Nutritional Factors
GM Free
Dairy and Lactose Free
Not deposited in the body as fat
Rich in valuable Amino Acids for weight control, Sports or Medicinal purposes
Certified Kosher
Amino Acid Score 0.96 (norm FAO 1991

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