Vitamin Code – RAW Kombucha 60 caps


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Vitamin Code – RAW Kombucha 60 caps
RAW vitamin B-Complex for energy and healthy metabolism support
Live probiotics and enzymes for digestive health and immune support
 RAW Kombucha contains a powerful probiotic that promotes the health of the intestinal tract, helps protect its beneficial microflora and enhances immune function
 Contains black tea, rich in polyphenols, and PABA for antioxidant protection and energy
Leading the way are seven raw B vitamins. Vitamin Code RAW Kombucha also contains the powerful probiotic Saccharomyces boulardii as well as a plethora of enzymes. S. boulardii’s digestive benefits also extend to immune support.
Just as fermented kombucha is made from tea, so is Vitamin Code RAW Kombucha. Our black tea is rich in polyphenols and PABA for antioxidant protection and energy.
Everything that kombucha comes into contact withfrom the glass container to the spoons used to add the sugarmust be sterile. It’s also hard to control the sugar content, which can make kombucha virtually impossible for dietersand especially diabeticsto partake. It’s also almost impossible to know the amount of B vitamin and probiotic content of a particular batch unless you send it out for testing.
Thankfully, now with Vitamin Code RAW Kombucha, there is a highly convenient way to enjoy the many benefits of kombucha at a fraction of the price while receiving all the beneficial vitamins, probiotics and enzymes without any sugar.
Try Vitamin Code RAW Kombucha today !
Suggested Use
Adults take 2 capsules daily. Best taken with food. Capsules may be opened and contents may be taken directly with water or raw juice. Not intended for children
Advanced Usage: Adults may increase gradually to 2 capsules three times daily (6 capsules per day)

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