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Soaps have been used since antiquity. The earliest evidence of soap like materials dates back to 2800BC in Ancient Babylon. Inscriptions indicate that fats were boiled with ashes to produce the forerunner of modern soap. General use of soap goes back about 1000 years and the basic recipe remains unchanged; Fats or oils plus Sodium Hydroxide (Caustic soda) produces a hard soap, fats or oils plus Potassium Hydroxide (Caustic potash) produces a soft soap. Many current soaps are called syndet bars as the soap has been replaced by synthetic detergents. Traditionally made soap is commonly made from animal fat. All Weleda soaps are made from only vegetable oils. In addition to the pure vegetable soap base Weleda soaps contain plant extracts, each chosen for its specific action, and precious essential oils which give the soaps their pleasing fragrances. Iris Soap: A delicately fragranced soap containing iris, renowned for its moisture-retaining and balancing properties.

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