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Whiz Freedom and Whiz Relief Bag (capacity 1.6 L)

The “all-inclusive set” is – in addition to the Whiz Freedom – even from a practical urine bag . The tail of the Whiz Freedom is simply connected to the hose of the urine bag.

With a click-lock can the spout completely sealed.

1. The softness and comfort of the material we use; a medical grade thermoplastic elastomer.
2. The patented shield (trialed and tested on over 1600 women) which ensures a snugness of fit and no spillage.
3. It is the only urine director which incorporates an anti-bacterial agent for hygiene.
4. It is the only urine director which is truly hydrophobic (liquid repellent). One flick and it is dry.
5. It is the only urine director which has been medically approved 6. It has near perfect memory. Allowing the user to squash or fold it and then it regains its shape
7. It is light weight and flexible make it very easy to use, store and carry.

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