Wileys Finest Cholesterol Support 90 capsules


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Wileys Finest Cholesterol Support 90 capsules

Cholesterol support is formulated to promote heart health for both men and women. This unique formula contains 50% purified and concentrated EPA & DHA Omega-3 Fish Oil and 50% non-GMO Pine Tree Sterol Esters. Plant sterols are very well studied as a natural alternative to support healthy cholesterol metabolism

Only 2 Per Day
Dietary Supplement
540 mg EPA + DHA Omega-3
360 mg B-Sitosterol Per Serving
Certified Sustainable Seafood MSC

Pine tree sterol esters, concentrated fish oil ethyl esters, gelatin, glycerin, water, lycopene (natural colorant), certified Non-GMO mixed tocopherols (natural vitamin E). Contains fish: Alaska pollock (theragra chalcogramma)

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