Womega 30 caps


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Womega 30 caps
Womega is a new, patented, unique food supplement designed for women. The special combination of Omega 3, K2 MenaQ7, CardiolinaTM, Cocoa and Vitamin D3 gives a synergestic boost in only two small capsules a day.
Fish Oil 800 mg * 8 kcal Energy 
Total Omega-3 499 mg * Protein 0.24 g 
Of which: 0.12 g Carbohydrates 
EPA 243 mg * Fat 0.8 g 
DHA 172 mg * 
0.08 g of which saturates 
(MenaQ7) Vitamin K2 15 mcg 20% ​​of which 0.14 g monounsaturated fatty acids 
Cocoa Extract 62 mg *, of which 0.6 g polyunsaturated fatty acids 
Cardiolina (micro-algae extract) 5 mg 
When using an anticoagulant such as coumarin, consult your doctor
Contains fish, cocoa, soybea

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