Xynergy Organic Wheatgrass Nutritional Super Supplement

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Xynergy Organic Wheatgrass – Nutritional Super Supplement

 Xynergy Wheatgrass is an energising, nutrient-rich tonic that is 100% pure. Simply add half a teaspoon of Xynergy Wheatgrass to a small amount of water for a sweet-tasting wheatgrass drink that is packed with goodness. Because Xynergy Wheatgrass is freeze-dried juice, it is far more absorbable than inferior powdered leaf wheatgrass supplements. What’s more, it is a real storehouse of natural vitamins, minerals, chlorophyll and enzymes. High in protein, it contains all 8 essential amino acids and most non-essential amino acids. Owing to its antioxidant properties, wheatgrass is also an effective detoxifier. Few people have the time or specialist equipment to produce wheatgrass juice each day. Xynergy Wheatgrass takes only seconds to make yet is just as nourishing as freshly squeezed juice. It is not only invigorating but good for the skin too. You can even sluice it around your mouth to help get rid of odour-forming bacteria.

 Key features include: • Effective detoxifier • Natural deodoriser • Energising tonic • Cleanses skin from inside out • 25:1 concentrate. Certified kosher.

It’s not the food in your life, it’s the life in your food

(Steve Meyerovitz, the sproutman and wheatgrass expert)

Xynergy Wheatgrass is 100% freeze-dried wheatgrass juice. Young sprouts of wheatgrass, grown in natural sunlight, are harvested at no more than 14 days old and immediately juiced. This ensures that the broad spectrum of nutrients in wheatgrass can be absorbed by the body. Because we only use young shoots, Xynergy Wheatgrass is gluten free.

It is the juicing that makes Xynergy wheatgrass different from other wheatgrass supplements that are simply grass that is cut, dried powdered. Whereas this type of supplement may be alkalising – the body’s natural state – and therefore of some benefit, the nutrients cannot be properly absorbed as, we know, grass is too fibrous for our digestion to break down. Juicing achieves the breaking down anf therefore what is termed ‘bioavailability’.

When Xynergy Wheatgrass is juiced it becomes very concentrated – a. Freeze-drying removes the moisture while preserving the nutrients and natural enzymes. When you add a half teaspoon of the freeze-dried powder to 20ml of pure water, the result is a shot of wheatgrass juice that tastes fresh and vibrant with living energy. Xynergy Wheatgrass is also grown in a particular soil mix that gives it a sweet taste making it more palatable than many, even fresh juices.

Wheatgrass juice needs to be consumed quickly – within 20 minutes – as the enzymes are thought to die off at a rapid rate. Pre-juiced wheatgrass in bottles, found in chill cabinets, need to have some type of preservative to maintain its nutrients. Xynergy Wheatgrass is 100% pure – nothing more, nothing less.


So many foods these days are deplete of essential vitamins, minerals and enzymes. Wheatgrass, on the other hand, provides an excellent balance of nutrients vital to well-being. Xynergy Wheatgrass also provides a high level of protein. And because it contains chlorophyll you can use it as part of a detoxing programme to help cleanse blood and eliminate toxins.

A quick-acting supplement and everyday nutritional supplement

Xynergy Wheatgrass is a versatile superfood that works on two levels. Firstly, as a tonic, a pick-me-up when your energy levels are flagging. And secondly as a nutritional supplement that, when taken every day, will help nourish and restore your body’s natural balance.

Good for the skin and mouth

Xynergy Wheatgrass makes a great facial. You simply mix it into a paste and apply to the skin wherever needed. It is also a natural deodoriser helping you rid your body of bacteria causing body odour and bad breath. So many healthy foods are quite acid and while they have benefits they can cause problems for teeth and gums. Wheatgrass is very alkaline and so bathing your mouth in Wheatgrass juice each day will support oral hygiene.

Xynergy Wheatgrass contains a broad spectrum of minerals including:

Zinc – essential for skin, the immune system, the prostate, and eyes.
Phosphorous – for nerves.
Calcium – for strong bones and teeth, and helping restore your blood’s pH balance. Wheatgrass contains trace minerals to ensure calcium is properly absorbed.
Magnesium – for good muscle function and bowel health. Wheatgrass has a good calcium-magnesium ratio.
Selenium – for scavenging free radicals.
And Vitamins – well balanced and in a form the body can recognise:

Vitamin A – as betacarotene, essential for good eyesight, reproductive functions, growth and development.
Vitamin C – protecting against free radical damage.
B Vitamins –   a broad range that is more easily bioavailable than typical B supplements.
Benefits of Wheatgrass

Wheatgrass contains a good level of Chlorophyll, a powerful detoxifier, purifier and antibacterial agent. It also helps stimulate the liver and cleanse the blood. It can be a safe aid to weight management – as your body becomes better nourished, food cravings diminish.

Xynergy Wheatgrass is a good source of easily digested vegetable proteins. Other proteins such as meat need greater amounts of energy to digest.

Xynergy Wheatgrass by the spoonful is nutritionally equivalent to 1½ lbs (750g) of organic vegetables.

Normal dosage:-
Freeze-dried juice powder – ½ a teaspoon per day dissolved in 20ml of water or non-citrus fruit juice. Contraindications: Not recommended with blood thinners

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