Yogi Tea Christmas Collection 24 bag


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Yogi Tea Christmas Collection 24 bag
The Christmas Collection contains 2 of each of the 12 best selling Yogi Teas, perfect as a stocking filler.
Each box contains two of the following tea bags: Classic Rooibos, Sweet Chilli, Choco, Licorice, Jamaica, Bright Mood, Heartwarming, Ginger Hibiscus, Ginger Lemon, Bedtime and Black Chai.
Cinnamon, liquorice, ginger, rooibos, cocoa shells, fennel, basil, cardamom, roasted chicory, hibiscus, black tea, peppermint, carob, lemon grass, barley malt, black pepper, anise, spearmint, chamomile, cloves, dried lemon juice, orange peel, lemon balm, hops, citrus extract (natural flavour), nettle, lavender flowers, sage, lemon peel, orange extract (natural flavour), cinnamon extract(natural flavour), ginger oil, turmeric root, beetroot, chili pepper, nutmeg, fenugreek, yarrow flower, cardamom oil, vanilla beans, vanilla extract (natural flavour)

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