Youngphorever Matcha tea with coconut flower 250 g


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Matcha tea with coconut flower 250 g

Our unique blend of matcha tea and coconut flower sugar is going to change your mind about the teas for sure. Our Matcha tea product is one of the most excellent member of the japanese tea culture. It had been started to use as a herb in the asian traditional medicine 3000 years ago. The matcha tea with coconut sugar creates an amazing flavor in the mouth. It is recommended to be consumed not just for its taste, as our product contains both plants’ valuable components too. The matcha tea is the powdered version of the leaves of Camellia sinensis plant. Like a good wine, tha matcha tea also can not be made from any land area harvested tea leaves. Based on the opinion of japanese tea masters the best matcha teas can be produced just from close to 20-25 years-old tea trees.

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